Anabela Cesário

Product Ops Leader, Coach & Mentor

As a kid, I was completely fascinated by computers. Mind this was ‘pre-internet’ in a small village in the center of Portugal. Yes, I have been around for a while! Later on, this awe for technology and logical reasoning led me to pursue studies in Management and Computer Science in college.

I started my career in big consultancy companies, namely General Electric and Novabase. During 18 years of my life, I led big projects and teams in different areas, always with a strong focus on customers - their problems and needs.
Six years ago, I started a wonderful journey through the world of Product, when I was invited to bootstrap the Product Ownership practice at OutSystems, the leading app dev platform. Then I moved on to lead a team of 24 Technical Product Managers. I’m currently leading product operations, another function I’ve been invited to create from scratch. Truth be told: I just love the challenge of a big white page.

I am also a big believer in knowledge sharing and continuous learning, so my team and I started a talk series dubbed “Product Ops Unwrapped”, dedicated to sharing our team’s journey through the world of Product Ops. I also save a few hours for pro-bono mentoring/coaching on all things product.

When I am not working, you can find me doing some yoga, reading a book, and trying to catch some waves.