Francisco Carrero

Director of Data @ VASS

A proactive and multidisciplinary professional with almost 20 years of experience in the management of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Ecommerce and Education. With a background as Computer Science Engineer, I have developed skills in Business Strategy, Business Development, Product Management, Communication and Talent Management.

Serial entrepreneur, I was co-founder and CEO of BrainSINS, an international SaaS startup focused on using Big Data for ECommerce Personalization and Marketing Automation, but also participated actively in our Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Execution, Product Design, Sales and Internacionalization.

Prior to that I launched Bitecode and Wipley, two startups with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Contents and Personalization. I also worked as a Technology Consultant in companies such as Telefonica I+D and Obralia, and as a University Professor in Universidad Europea, where I participated and managed 12 R&D Projects and published 23 papers in international journals and congresses, all of them focused on Machine Learning, Text Mining and Content Personalization.

I'm passionate about scientific dissemination since I was a University student, organizing events related to IT, Ecommerce and Artificial Intelligence, and I have lately focused this interest on my podcast Pensamiento.Digital, where I interview professionals working on all kinds of projects related to Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation.