Jeremie Mairesse

CPO @ Get Life

Since 2011, Jeremie has been experiencing the evolution of the Product Manager role, with a front seat to the career ladder journey from individual contributor to leader. After working from 2 of the most dynamic tech cities that were London and Berlin, Madrid was lucky enough to welcome in 2016 a product lover who will live his epiphany by enabling and supporting for 6 years, the scale of one of our most emblematic startups: Jobandtalent.

Putting tech at the center of business is a real obsession and Jeremie is embarking again, after a well deserved break, on an entrepreneurial adventure with Getlife this time.

He kindly agreed to spend the day with us to share all these learnings on this difficult transition between the 2 major professional stages of a PM life, so if you want to learn how to cross the canyon from IC to Product leader, you're in the right place.