Former product leader @ Deezer, Spideo and Hotjar

Elize has been working in tech for 12+ years, of which a decade in product management in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris.

Most recently, she’s worked as a Director of Product for Hotjar, a product experience insights platform, and as the VP of Product at Spideo, a company whose expertise lies in recommendations as a service.

In her earlier career, she worked for large music streaming and entertainment brands like Deezer and Viacom and specialised in user engagement and personalisation.
As a servant leader, Elize strives to empower teams, mentor and coach individuals, and nurture talent. Her long-term goal is to promote radical transparency in technology towards data privacy to improve people’s lives. 

Elize is a strong advocate for Women in Tech. She was named one of the Inspiring Fifty Netherlands in 2019 and has been nominated for the Inspiring Fifty Europe 2022 awards, an initiative that aims to increase diversity in technology by making female role models more visible.