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Alexandre Suon

Head of Experimentation @ Accor

Talk: How to build a Culture of Product Experimentation across your organization  

Alex specializes in Product Growth Strategy via Experimentation, Personalization, and Product Analytics, and is responsible for building AGILE company’s culture that promotes innovation, mitigates risks, and is aligned with the business vision.Alex is a jack of trades in the workplace and uses his various experiences in Product Growth notably as a Solution Engineer at Optimizely, Head of Operation in an award-winning agency, FAANG and NATU clients to encourage others to perform as well as they can in pursuit of excellence.Inspired by solving the biggest challenges in the industry, he is also a Doctoral Student researching the factors of innovations within large enterprises and has won multiple awards from institutes such as King’s College Grant, Harvard Business School scholarship, Optimizely innovation prize, Experimentation Culture Awards Individual. During his free time, Alex is passionate about tennis and loves being on the court as soon as possible.